Four Agreements for Courageous Conversations


    As humans, we often avoid having difficult conversations due to fear of confrontation or the possibility of hurting someone`s feelings. However, these conversations are essential for growth and progress, whether it be in personal relationships or professional settings.

    Here are four agreements to remember when having courageous conversations:

    1. Be Present: When having a courageous conversation, it is important to be present and fully engaged in the conversation. Avoid distractions, such as technology or other tasks, and give the other person your undivided attention. Being present allows for better communication and understanding.

    2. Speak Your Truth: It is crucial to speak your truth when having courageous conversations. Share your thoughts and feelings honestly and in a non-judgmental manner. Avoid attacking the other person and focus on expressing how the situation or behavior made you feel.

    3. Listen to Understand: Listening is just as important as speaking in courageous conversations. Hear the other person out and try to understand their perspective. Avoid interrupting or getting defensive. Active listening shows the other person that you value their opinions and feelings.

    4. Seek Mutual Understanding: The goal of courageous conversations should be to seek mutual understanding and find a solution that benefits both parties. Avoid going into the conversation with the mindset of “winning” or making the other person “wrong.” Instead, focus on finding common ground and working together towards a positive outcome.

    In conclusion, having courageous conversations can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary for personal and professional growth. Remember these four agreements of being present, speaking your truth, listening to understand, and seeking mutual understanding, and you will be on the path towards successful and beneficial conversations.